Kitchen Hygiene

Kitchen Hygiene Evans Lift Unperfumed. Ideal wherever food is handled, served or prepared. Easily removes fat, grease, oil & ingrained soiling. For use on a variety of washable surfaces including cooker hoods, deep fat fryers,
ovens, floors & walls. Also suitable for removing heavy soil in engineering workshops & general industry. Suitable in all water conditions. Evans Destain Quickly removes stains from a variety of items. Contains a chlorine releasing agent.For use on crockery, tea urns, coffee making machines & vending machines. Unperfumed. Effective in soft, medium or hard water areas. Kitchen Hygiene  Evans Ensure Unperfumed, ready-to-use, alcohol-based sanitiser which kills bacteria and yeast. Passes European disinfectant test method EN 1276, under dirty conditions, with a 30 second contact time. Also passes EN 13697 and EN 1650. For use on a variety of surfaces, including stainless steel, most plastics, glass,
ceramics and paintwork. Quickly evaporates, leaving the surface clean, dry and disinfected. Will clean and disinfect after minor food spillages; ideal for conveyor belts.
Suitable for use as a mid-shift disinfectant, to maintain high levels of hygiene, as
well as for sanitising surfaces both pre and post shift. Ideal for use where it is not practical to use water. Also for use in medical areas, laboratories, veterinary clinics and the leisure industry.

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