Mop Heads Twine No-woven Micro Fibre

Mop Heads Twine No-woven Micro Fibre SYRSorb Midi Interchange Socket Mop Head Red | Blue | Green | Yellow  SYRSorb absorbs almost 100% more water, less drying time. SYRSorb picks up 25% more dirt, grease and oil than regular mops. Non-Woven. Interchange push fit fitting. Cut end. Highly absorbent material. Mop Heads Twine No-woven Micro Fibre Microfibre Long Pile Mop Head Red | Blue. 80/20 Polyester / Polyamide. Long pile holds more water & dirt No need for pre sweeping. Ideal for safety flooring. Great for larger mopping areas. Colour coded. Mop Heads Twine No-woven Micro Fibre Hygiemix Hygiene Socket Mop Head 250g . Colours Available Red | Blue | Green | Yellow Hygiemix mops are produced from a unique 50/50 blend of bleached cotton and synthetic yarn for absorbency and strength. Improved performance circular profile looped white yarn with colour-coded band and threaded mop socket. These mops are launderable up to 60°C. Washable.

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