Laundry Chemicals

Laundry Chemicals Non-Bio Washing Powder, Removes dirt & odours leaving clothes clean & fresh. Long lasting residual fragrance. Spray dried, easy flow powder will not cake in the washing machine drawer. Dissolves easily in all water conditions & temperatures. Provides up to 100 washes per pack. Suitable for use in all automatic & on-premise laundry machines. Laundry Chemicals Evans Search Fabric Conditioners Provides a clean outdoor spring freshness to all washable fabrics. Phosphate free, kinder to the environment. For use in all automatic and on-premise laundry machines. Leaves cotton and polyester
cotton less creased and easier to iron. Evans Oxy powder Quickly removes difficult stains such as mould, fruit juice, coffee & tea. Extremely versatile, also suitable for removing stains on kitchen worktops, chopping boards, floors, tiles, paving stones, grout, plastic garden furniture,
rubbish bins & even animal baskets & cages. Ideal for use where bleach is not acceptable. Suitable for use on white & coloured fabrics, upholstery & carpets.

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