Auto Air Fresh Dispensers

Auto Air Fresh Dispensers Bobson AD100 White Dispenser High impact ABS case fragrance dispenser for use with the 270ml aerosols. Available in white finish with LED indicators, 8/15/25 minute adjustable cycles and Day/12/24 hour sensor. Lockable to prevent aerosol theft, it operates on 2 x AA batteries (not supplied), and dispenses approximately 50,000 metered aerosol sprays. Wall fixings supplied. Auto Air Fresh Dispensers AirSenz Digital Fragrance Dispenser. This fragrance dispenser not only cuts down on refill usage and therefore has a positive effect on the environment, it also allows a reduction in overall servicing costs for rental customers. This dispenser will fit auto air fresh cans 270 – 300ml.  AirSenz Deluxe Fragrance Dispenser. The AirSenz Deluxe fragrance dispenser combines increased economy with quick and easy light sensitive programming. This unit can be set to operate 24 hours or in light only or dark only conditions. A fully programmable auto air fresh cabinet.

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