Winter Products

Winter Products Rock Salt Brown Large Bag. Is the ideal product if cost is a leading factor. If the salt is going to be spread over a large area such as roads or car parks then this is the perfect product. As a result of its cost effectiveness. Winter Products  Grit Bin 400 litre Yellow Grit Bin, manufactured from tough, medium density polyethylene. These grit bins are ideal for road side and car park storage. Their high quality components mean they will not discolour or deteriorate. Winter Products Rock Salt White Large Bag. This is why when individual households are purchasing salt for their own needs white salt is often the preferred choice. The residue left behind from the white salt is clear meaning help to reduce staining on soft flooring. Heavy Duty Salt Spreader. This Salt Spreader with a 45kg is constructed from entirely stainless steel components. These are required to avoid rust when dealing with salt and provide complete protection even in the worst winter conditions.

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