Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Cloths Contract Non-Woven Cloths Red \ Blue | Green | Yellow Light weight, cost effective semi disposable wiping cloth for all applications. 50 Cloths per pack. Size 42 cm x 35 cm. Very absorbent cleaning cloth, colour coded to help with your hygiene regime. Ocean Large Non-Woven Medium Grade Cloths. Red | Blue Green | Yellow Medium grade wiper for all applications Antibacterial. Colour Coded. 50 Cloths per pack. Approx. Size 50 cm x 35 cm Velette Non-Woven Cloths Colour Coded Blue Hard wearing. Machine Washable.Incorporates Antibacterial technology.25 Cloths per pack.Size 50 cm x 35 cm. Velette cloths are strong and highly absorbent, semi-disposable multi-use cleaning cloths. Cleaning Cloths Stockinette Roll 1000g Red Striped | Blue Striped | Green Striped | Yellow Striped | Bleached Soft fine cotton. Cost effective way to clean and wipe. Colour coded. For cleaning and polishing surfaces. 1000g rolls, Mutton cloth. Woven Floor Cloths Heavy Duty weight. Abrasive qualities help to remove stubborn marks on floors and walls. 10 Cloths per pack.

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