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Hand Care Products | Bactericidal Hand Soaps, Orchard Superior, clear liquid, produces a creamy lather Blend of grapefruit, mandarin & apple creates a zesty aroma Added moisturiser to help protect skin Ideal addition to any exclusive washroom. Trigon Plus Proven bactericidal liquid hand wash.
Removes visible soiling and simultaneously kills a wide range of bacteria. Extra moisturisers leave the hands soft & smooth.
Hand Care Products Fragranced and Fragranced Free Hand Soaps Ideal when frequent hand washing is necessary. Unperfumed, therefore suitable wherever food is prepared or served. Ideal in healthcare, nursing homes & wherever hand hygiene is of the utmost importance.
Complies with Cosmetic Regulations. Carehands Barrier and Moisturising Hand Cream Provides skin protection in wet and dry working conditions For use in both pre-work and after work application.
Suitable for use in kitchens, garages, workshops, farms and general industry. Unperfumed, ideal in food preparation areas.
Citrus Foam Clear liquid with a fresh citrus fragrance Provides an instant, rich, cleansing foam Neutral pH. Contains moisturiser to protect skin. Very economical. Over 8,000 pumps per 5 litre.
Deb hand care range and swarfega

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