Furniture Polish

Furniture Polish, Liquid Spray Polish, Multi surface polish, ready to use formula for use in trigger spray. Leaves a deep, long lasting shine with pleasant perfume. Anti-static properties, ideal for computer areas, VDU and TV screen. Suitable for wood, veneer, laminate, stainless steel, Formica, glass, chrome and paintwork. Leaves a deep, lustrous, long lasting shine. Possesses anti-static properties, ideal for computer areas. Daily Multi Task Cleaner removes general soiling and leaves a sparkling, streak free finish perfect one product choice for interior hard surfaces. Suitable for glass, mirrors, laminate, monitors, veneer and paintwork. Furniture & Multi Surface Polish Multi surface cleaner and polish in an aerosol removes dust, stains and fingermarks leaves a deep, long lasting shine and fresh fragrance. suitable on wood, stainless steel, glass, chrome, paintwork, VDU and TV screens.

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