Up-Right Vacuums

Up-Right Vacuums Karcher Kärcher’s CV 30/1 upright vacuum cleaner uses a single high performance motor to drive both the suction fan and brush, making the machine easy to carry and manoeuvre. This machine combines high suction power with the ability to clean deep into the carpet pile thanks to a height-adjustable brush. Equipped with a detachable suction tube for vacuuming upholstery and hard to reach areas, it is ideal for cleaning carpeted areas quickly and efficiently. Up-Right Vacuums Sebo The BS 360 offers premium performance and quality combined with efficiency and economy. Designed to be used for extended periods in comfort, the BS 360 is easy to maintain, with features such as replaceable brush strips and convenient unblocking access points. With a 36 cm cleaning head the BS 360 can clean a wide range of facilities. Able to clean flat to the floor, it can reach under furniture and its L-shaped head lets it clean under radiators.The BS 360 is built to last using the best materials and design. SEBO BS range benefits: Effective and trouble free operation All round cleaning ability Economic servicing Durable High cleaning productivity

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