First Aid Products

First Aid Products Plaster Washproof Hypo-Allergenic 6cm x 2cm x 100. Hypo-allergenic adhesive. Excellent adhesive properties. Comprehensive range. Sterile /individually wrapped. Box contains 100 plasters. Conforming Bandage 10cm x 4m 12 per pack. Made of highly stretchable fabric, a conforming bandage easily takes the shape of the area it is applied to. Perfect for injured joints, this versatile product to support strains and hold dressings in position. First Aid Products  Burnshield Hydrogel Bottle 125ml. Immediate Effective Treatment – Soothing, Cooling Relief for Burns, Scalds and Sunburn. Provides a Protective Barrier and Prevents the Burn Progressing Through Healthy Tissue and Causing More Damage. Biohazard Kit – 5 Treatment Packs. Body Fluid Disposal & Containment System: For the safe and effective handling, containment, disinfection and disposal of infectious micro-organisms contained in blood, vomit, urine, mucus, faeces and semen. Eye/Wound Wash Pod Station Wall Plate Complete 20ml. Eyewash station wall plate. 10 x 20ml Eyewash. 2 x Eye pads. Emergency Premier Burns Kit 01-10 Person. The Premier Burncare kit comes in a polypropylene box. The red box makes it highly visible and easy to identify. The kit provides effective and fast treatment for burns, scalds and sunburn at home or on holiday.

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