Air Care Products

Air Care Products and Automatic air fresheners are all part of our Air Care and Air Fresheners range. We have several products available including  400ml in five scents. lemon, Citrus, Berries, Laundry and Ocean. And 750ml Power Sprays in four scents  Berries, Fresh Laundry,Citrus, Lemon, Tutti Frutti and Ocean. These powerful air fresheners are ideal for larger areas. Solid Air Fresh Gels in the following scents Wild Berries, Lavender, Potpourri and Citrus, these are ideal for isolated areas requiring a pleasant aroma. Auto air fresh systems of washrooms, these are a metered air fresh system allowing the user to regulate the times from fifteen minuets to one hour over a twenty four hour period. They can be set for either twelve or twenty hour hours. We stock a large selection of auto air fresh scents from wild berry, citrus, lemon, baby powder, ocean, apple and many more. These systems offer a vast saving over contracted systems as the user can simply exchange the scents and batteries themselves.

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