Plasters Washproof Hypo-Allergenic Knuckle x 50. Hypo-allergenic adhesive. Excellent adhesive properties. Comprehensive range. Sterile /individually wrapped. Box contains 50 plaster’s. Plasters Washproof Hypo-Allergenic x 100. 5 Assorted Clear. Clear plaster use hypo-allergenic adhesive – ideal for a child’s sensitive skin. Clear plaster’s are discreet – you can hardly see them on your skin. Sterile/individually wrapped. Premium Fabric Plaster 7.5cm x 5cm x 50. Elastic fabric for optimum conformability. Unsurpassed quality fabric. Zinc oxide adhesive. Excellent adhesive properties. Comprehensive range. Sterochef Blue Detectable Plaster 6cm x 2cm x 100. Hypoallergenic adhesive. Complies with Food & Hygiene regulations (SI1990 No 1431) Metal detectable. Comprehensive range. Sterile/Individually wrapped. Conformable. Washproof. Box contains 100 plaster’s

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