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Other Products Workwear PPE  Hi-Vis Saturn Yellow Bomber Jacket Large Conforms to EN 471 Class 3. PU coated, waterproof outer fabric tested to EN 343. Fully taped seams. 100% Polyester quilted lining. Embroidery access. Mobile phone pocket. Map pocket. Internal pocket. Other Products Electrical lighting products 2D 28W Square Lamp 4 pin 3500k. Energy saving 2D Style CFL Lamp Not suitable for use with dimmers, time switches or photo cells. Other Products winter Rock Salt Brown Large Bag. Is the ideal product if cost is a leading factor. If the salt is going to be spread over a large area such as roads or car parks then this is the perfect product. As a result of its cost effectiveness. Other Products Nursery Products Baby Dream Sensitive Baby Wipes Extra Thick. An alternative product particularly developed for babies who have a tendency to react to regular baby wipes. 12 packs per case, 72 sheets per pack. Other Products Entrance Matting Luxury pile finish, 9mm high, stops dirt at the door and holds moisture too! 100% polyamide synthetic fibre, flexible PVC anti-slip UV resistant backing. Machine washable up to 40 C. Can absorb 2.5 litres of water per square metre. Wet and dry soiling. A compact trolley system designed for use in busy areas, where a quick and efficient response to cleaning is required. Simple to store, where space is an issue, these trolleys are light and easily manoeuvred. The Quick Response Trolley

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