Mopping Equipment

Mopping Equipment 15 Ltr Professional Bucket with Wringer Red | Blue | Green \ Yellow  Large wringer for larger mops. Wet floor warning sign printed on both sides. Raised wringer means overspill goes back in the bucket. Heavy duty plastic handle. Graduation marks. Colour coded. Mopping Equipment SYR TC20 TRAD 4 Kentucky Mopping Combo Blue | Red | Green | Yellow. Accepts Kentucky mops from 340gms to 510gms Centrally located bucket handle-east to lift and empty. Moulded polypropylene with rounded corners 20 ltr Capacity. All plastic wringer. Colour coded. Mopping Equipment Uniko Clip Frame. Fits the Microfibre Long Pile Mop Head. Mop release system avoids user contact with dirty mops. Approx. size 40cm x 11cm. Aluminium Velcro Frame 24cm x 8cm and 37cm x 8cm  For use with microfibre mopping system. Swivel head for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Ultra-thin lightweight frame very easy to use. Use with a Hygiene Handle. The Kentucky Mop Holder Clip has been designed to fit any mop handle with a screw thread tip. They will fit the following 12oz, 16oz and 20oz Kentucky Mop heads. When ordering please note you will need a hygiene handle to complete the set.

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