Packaging Materials

Packaging Materials A general purpose tape. Its aggressive adhesive and quick release make it an ideal choice for fully and semi-automatic carton sealing machines. All machine length rolls (990m) are 28mu; Vibac code 105. Packaging Materials Polypropylene pressure sensitive adhesive tape, clear, white or Kraft, designed for manual carton sealing. Pressure sensitive adhesive tape water based, to be used for noncritical carton sealing, suitable for manual or dispenser use. Packaging Materials  Pallet wrap 400 x 300 x 14mu extended core blue tint blown. Pallet wrap 400 x 250 x 17mu plastic extended core blue tint blown. This pressure sensitive adhesive tape for carton sealing or bundling. Its ability to perform at low temperatures make this the ideal choice when the product is to go into a freezer. All machine length rolls (990m) are 28mu;

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