Floor Care Chemicals

Floor & Carpet Care Chemicals Premium, metallised emulsion floor polish for prestigious areas. Dries to an extra durable, brilliant,wet look, slip resistant finish.Ideal for very high traffic areas. Excellent levelling properties for easy application and to ensure a smooth even finish. Suitable for most hard floors including vinyl, rubber, linoleum, terrazzo & sealed surfaces. For use with carpet extraction machines removes dirt & stains & leaves fabrics clean & fresh provides anti-soiling protection allows dry soil to be easily vacuumed. Floor & Carpet Care Chemicals Perfumed Floor Maintainer removes scuff marks and restores gloss finish Increases slip resistance and polish durability. Suitable for damp mopping and spray burnishing contains a fresh, floral perfume. Scrubber drier cleaning chemicals for combination machines and general cleaning removes heavy soiling with a single pass of the machine, ideal for use on factory and warehouse floors. Unperfumed, suitable for use in food preparation areas. Suitable for cleaning a variety of floor surfaces including vinyl, rubber, asphalt, concrete & unpolished surfaces.

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