Bandages & Dressings

Bandages & Dressings Ambulance Dressing No1 10cm x 12cm x 72. Our range of high quality ambulance dressing is specially designed for use on patients with open wounds, for use by paramedics, first aiders and the emergency services. Bandages & Dressings Conforming Bandage 10cm x 4m 12 per pack. Made of highly stretchable fabric, a conforming bandage easily takes the shape of the area it is applied to. Perfect for injured joints, this versatile product to support strains and hold dressings in position. Standard Dressings Eyepad Oval x 156. Premium quality sterile wound dressings. Unmedicated pad cushions the wound and absorbs any exudate. Provides initial protection from infection whilst en-route to hospital. Sterocrepe Bandage 10cm x 4.5cm 12 per pack. A crepe bandage is an integral part of any first aid kit. Made of woven elasticated cotton, these products are ideal for providing light, flexible support to weak joints, sprains and strains. Bandages & Dressings Sterotape Microporous Tape 2.5cm x 10m x 12. Hypo-allergenic adhesive-stronger medical grade. Tape holds dressings in place. Perfect on a child’s skin. Permeable to air and water vapour to reduce maceration (whitening of skin). Tape for sensitive skin.

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