Mops & Mopping Equipment

Mops & Mopping Equipment, Hygiemix Hygiene Socket Mop Head 250g . Colours Available Red | Blue | Green | Yellow Hygiemix mops are produced from a unique 50/50 blend of bleached cotton and synthetic yarn for absorbency and strength. Improved performance circular profile looped white yarn with colour-coded band and threaded mop socket. These mops are launderable up to 60°C. Washable. Mops & Mopping Equipment SYRSorb Midi Interchange Socket Mop Head Red | Blue | Green | Yellow  SYRSorb absorbs almost 100% more water, less drying time. SYRSorb picks up 25% more dirt, grease and oil than regular mops. Non-Woven. Interchange push fit fitting. Cut end. Highly absorbent material. Mops & Mopping Equipment 15 Ltr Professional Bucket with Wringer Red | Blue | Green \ Yellow  Large wringer for larger mops. Wet floor warning sign printed on both sides. Raised wringer means overspill goes back in the bucket. Heavy duty plastic handle. Graduation marks. Colour coded.

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