Deb & Swarfega Dispensers

Deb & Swarfega Dispensers, The Deb Skin Care System™ Locations of use: Office/Commercial/Leisure, Medical Rooms & Laboratories, Food Service & Catering

Deb dispensing systems are designed to give cost effectiveness and the highest hygiene levels to their users.The key benefits of Deb dispensing systems include: Reduced costs, Hygienic, Convenient. Encourages correct skin safety practice. Dispensers guaranteed for life Deb has a range of dispensing units ranging from Deb’s ‘Skin Safety Centre’ – a sturdy wall mountable board designed to offer all that is required for a three-step skin safety programme, to individual dispensing units utilising a variety of specialist hand cleaners and protective creams. Find the right dispenser for you with our dispenser selector. From dispensing unique foam to providing the latest touch-free technology and revolutionary dispenser customisation, we have the solution. All Deb Stoko range dispensers are protected by BioCote a silver-based antimicrobial agent that inhabits the growth of bacteria and moulds. Deb’s Skin Safety Centres are robust, lightweight boards that are ready-assembled with appropriate Deb dispensers.

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