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Winter Products

Rock Salt Brown Large Bag. The two salt types which we sell are rock salt and white marine salt. They both achieve the same purpose of dissolving that pesky snow and ice during the winter months but are produced in a completely different way. https://goo.gl/N2pUCp Rock salt is a cheaper product than the white salt and is mined in the UK. The white salt however is produced in warmer climates around the world including countries such as Egypt and Italy. You can find out more information about the production of both salt types here. https://goo.gl/pQKv2f Rock salt is the ideal product if cost is a leading factor. If the salt is going to be spread over a large area such as roads or car parks then this is the perfect product. As a result of its cost effectiveness it is often the preferred choice for organisations such as the Highway Agency. However rock salt does leave behind a slight residue that if used in domestic areas can be brought through the house and property. This is why when individual households are purchasing salt for their own needs white salt is often the preferred choice. The residue left behind from the white salt is clear meaning that despite the higher price there is still great demand for it. To view our salt spreader please click on the following link. https://goo.gl/3P1l0y To view our popular range of grit bins please click on the following link. https://goo.gl/BfXR4j to view our range of snow shovels please click on the following link. https://goo.gl/OSRsMA