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Eye Care Products

Eye/Wound Wash Pod Station Wall Plate Complete 20ml. Eyewash station wall plate 10 x 20ml Eyewash 2 x Eye pads When dealing with a patient who has suffered from a wound or an optical problem, it is important to get the area cleaned as soon as possible. At Steroplast Healthcare, we can provide you with a range of products that will help you to best manage your patient’s condition. There are several products in our collection which accommodates a range of both eye wash stations and eye wash pods. The products that we list at Steroplast Healthcare are sourced to offer affordable and practical solutions to your first aid and medical needs. Wherever the medical supplies we sell are going to be stored, there is a solution for everybody. For those with a smaller location of demand we can offer an eye wound wash station which comes in the form of a lightweight, portable kit with 500ml bottles and 20 ml, single use tubes of sterile eye wash solution. For the larger premises, we offer eye wash wall plates; a fixed unit which contains several eye wash units and can hold over 1000 ml of solution. This section also comes with a user guide attached.The solution contained in both the kit and the wall mounted plate is fully sterilised and available to use instantly. It is proven to clean the eye safely and hygienically, and can be used for all minor eye injuries and irritations. Any small hairs, sand or grit that collect in the eye can easily be rinsed and the solution is not irritable so those nervous about putting the fluid in the eye needn't worry. The sterile solution can also be used on the body to clean a flesh wound. https://goo.gl/bHPcCz To view our complete range of first aid products please click on this link. https://goo.gl/rvcYJu